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VA PTSD Disability Claim Assessments.
How do I get supportive evidence for my VA PTSD Claim?
The Alabama Institute for Behavioral Health and Research (AIBHR) conducts complete and thorough diagnostic mental health assessments designed to first establish a diagnosable presence of PTSD, GAD, or MDD, two to determine, through a thorough review of the veteran's military service and medical records, if the diagnosed condition is service connected, and three if there is a disability at present resulting from the condition and to what degree that disability is impacting the veteran.  

Very few, if any at all, clinicians in the Columbus area are willing to conduct these assessments much less write a report or NEXUS letter reflecting the results of the assessment.  AIBHR is veteran owned and its counselors are ALL VETERANS.  We understand you and where you've been.  Call us today!

Alabama Institute for Behavioral Health and Research

1211 7th Avenue, Suite A

Phenix City, AL 36867


Contact Information
phone: (334) 540-0315
Offer Begins: May 21, 2021
East Alabama Chamber of Commerce

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